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Coastal Carolina Council (550)
Charleston, SC
Lodge Data
Chartered: 1943
Lodge Totem: Deer
Name Translation: Place Where Friends Meet  (Cherokee)
Changes: (none)
2007 Membership+: 476

+Sum of predecessor lodges' membership for new lodges. GNYC lodges' membership numbers are total for all GNYC lodges.



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Lodge Event Patches

(Listings from the last edition of Blue Book.)
eX1951 GRN C WHT RED  Project 51   
eR1965 DBL  LBL RED  Pow Wow   
eR1966-1 RED R M/C RED  Spring Fellowship   
eR1966-2 BLK R WHT RED  Fall Pow Wow   
eR1967-1 BLK R PTN GRN  Spring Fellowship   
eX1967-2 BLK R LBL BLK  Pow Wow   
eX1968-1 GRN R WHT RED  Spring Fellowship   
eX1968-2 LGR R WHT   Fall Pow Wow;119 236   
1969 Swamp Fox Trail     
eR1969-1 BLU R YEL RED RED FDL; "Spring Fellowship"; undated   
eX1969-2 BLK R LBL DBL  Fall Pow Wow   
eR1971-1 NBL R YEL RED RED Spring Fellowship   
eR1971-2 RED R WHT BLK  Fall Pow Wow   
eX1973-1 RED C ORG RED  30th ANN; "Spring Fellowship"   
eX1973-2 GRN C WHT GRN  30th ANN; "Fall Pow Wow"   
eX1974-1 RED R YEL RED  Spring Pow Wow **?** (error in listing -- Spring Fellowship) 
eA1974-2 RED R YEL RED  Spring Fellowship   
eX1974-3 RED R M/C RED  Fall Pow Wow   
eX1975-1 GRN R WHT RED  Spring Fellowship-Ordeal   
eX1975-2 RED R M/C RED  Fall Fellowship-Ordeal   
eX1976-1 RED R M/C RED  BIC; "Spring Fellowship"   
eX1976-2 BLU R M/C BLU  BIC; "Spring Ordeal"   
eX1976-3 BLU R M/C RED  BIC; "Fall Fellowship"   
eX1976-4 RED R M/C RED  BIC; "Fall Ordeal"   
eX1977-1 RED R M/C RED RED Spring Ordeal   
eX1977-2 RED R M/C RED GRN Fall Ordeal   
eX1977-3 RED R M/C RED GRN Fall Fellowship   
eX1978-1 RED R LBL RED RED 1978 Activity patch   
eX1978-2 BRN C GRN   SEG; Fellowship   
eX1978-3 RED C LBL   SEG; Bar-B-Q   
eX1978-4 RED C BRN   SEG; Spring Fellowship   
eX1978-5 LBL C RED   SEG; Fall Ordeal   
eX1979-1 GRN R WHT RED RED FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eX1979-2 BRN R WHT RED BRN FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eX1979-3 YEL R WHT ROR ROR FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eX1979-4 ROR R WHT ROR ROR FDL; Fall Fallowship   
eX1979-5 GRN R WHT RED RED FDL; Bar-B-Que   
eR1980-1 DYL R WHT ROR ROR FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eR1980-2 YEL R LBL WHT WHT FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eR1980-3 DYL R WHT ROR ROR BSA; Fall Ordeal   
eR1981-1 GRN R WHT WHT WHT FDL; Spring Fellowship and Ordeal   
eX1981-2 YEL R GRN RED GRN partial FDL; Fall Fellowship and Ordeal   
eX1982-1 ORG C WHT   SEG; Spring Ordeal   
eX1982-2 LBL C WHT   SEG; Spring Fellowship   
eX1982-3 GRN C WHT   SEG; Fall Ordeal   
eX1982-4 PUR C WHT   SEG; Fall Fellowship   
eX1986-1 RED R BLU RED YEL FDL; Fall Fellowship   
eX1986-2 GRN R WHT GRN BRN FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eX1987-1 RED R M/C RED RED Fall Fellowship   
eX1987-2 BLK R M/C BLK YEL Spring Fellowship   
eX1987-3 GRY R YEL RED RED Spring Ordeal   
eX1987-4 GRN R WHT RED BRN Fall Ordeal   
eX1988-1 BLK R PYL RED RED BSA; Spring Fellowship   
eX1988-2 RED R BBL RED YEL FDL; Fall almost Winter Fellowship   
eX1988-3 BLK R RED WHT WHT FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eA1989-1 RED C M/C RED RED FDL; Spring Fellowship; Dixie Host   
eA1989-2 RED C M/C RED RED FDL; Spring Ordeal; Dixie Host   
eA1989-3 RED C M/C RED RED FDL; Lodge Workday; Dixie Host   
eA1989-4 RED C M/C RED RED FDL; Fall Ordeal; Dixie Host   
eX1990-1 RED R M/C RED RED FDL; Fall Ordeal;75th   
eX1990-2 RED R M/C RED RED FDL; Spring Fellowship;75th   
eX1990-3 RED R M/C RED RED FDL; Spring Ordeal;75th   
eX1990-4 RED R M/C RED RED FDL; Fall Fellowship;75th   
eA1991-1 RED R WHT RED YEL FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eA1991-2 RED R WHT RED YEL FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eA1991-3 RED R WHT RED YEL FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eA1991-4 RED R WHT RED YEL FDL; Spring Ordeal (duplicate listing of eA1991-1) 
eA1991-5 RED R WHT RED YEL Arrowhead; RED "1991 Fall Fell."   
eR1992-1 RED R LBL RED WHT FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eR1992-2 RED R LBL RED WHT FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eR1992-3 RED R LBL RED WHT FDL; Fall Fellowship   
eR1992-4 RED R LBL RED WHT FDL; Fall Ordeal   
1993 Fall Ordeal     
eX1993-1 RED R BBL RED  Activities; "50" 1943-1993   
eX1993-2 RED R BBL RED  Spring Fellowship   
eX1993-3 RED R BBL RED  Spring Ordeal; 50th ANN   
eX1993-4 RED R BBL RED  Fall Ordeal   
eR1994-1 DYL R RED BLK WHT FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eX1994-2 YEL R WHT RED RED FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eX1994-3 RED R BLU RED GRN FDL; Fall Fellowship   
eX1994-4 BRN R WHT BRN BRN FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eX1995-1 WHT R LBL RED LBL FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eX1995-2 BLK R LBL PUR YEL FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eX1995-3 PGR R LTN GRN LTN FDL; Fall Fellowship   
eX1995-4 PGR R LBL BLK DYL FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eR1996-1 RED R WHT RED RED FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eR1996-2 BLU R WHT BLU BLU FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eR1996-3 GRN R WHT GRN GRN FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eR1996-4 YEL R WHT YEL YEL FDL; Fall Fellowship   
eX1997-1 PUR R M/C BLK WHT Spring Fellowship   
eX1997-2 YEL R M/C BLK WHT Fall Ordeal   
eX1997-3 LGR R M/C BLK WHT Fall Fellowship   
eX1997-4 LPR R PBL BLK WHT FDL; Work Day; "Dixie Host"   
eJ1998-1 RED C GRY RED RED FDL; RND; for activity segments; "98"   
eX1998-2 RED C GRY   SEG; "Spring Ordeal"   
eX1998-3 RED C GRY   SEG; "Spring Fellowship"   
eX1998-4 RED C GRY   SEG; "Dixie"   
eX1998-5 RED C GRY   SEG; "NOAC"   
eX1998-6 RED C GRY   SEG; "Fall Ordeal"   
eX1998-7 RED C GRY   SEG; "Fall Fellowship"   
eR1999-1 RED R LBL RED LBL FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eR1999-2 GRN R DYL WHT  Spring Fellowship   
eX1999-3 RED R GRN WHT GRN FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eX1999-4 BLK R M/C BLK BLK FDL; Fall Fellowship   
eX2000-1 BRN C LBR   SEG; Spring Fellowship   
eX2000-2 BRN C LBR   SEG; Spring Ordeal   
eX2000-3 BRN C LBR   SEG; Fall Ordeal   
eX2000-4 BRN C LBR   SEG; Fall Fellowship   
eX2000-5 BRN C LBR   SEG; Dixie   
eX2000-6 BRN C LBR   SEG; NOAC00   
eX2001-1 RED C WHT RED RED FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eX2001-2 RED C WHT RED RED FDL; Spring Ordeal   
eX2001-3 RED C WHT RED RED FDL; Fall Ordeal   
eX2001-4 RED C WHT RED RED FDL; Fall Fellowship   
eR2002-1 DYL R M/C RED GRN Spring Ordeal; Dixie Host   
eR2002-2 DYL R M/C RED BLU Dixie Set-Up Work Days; Dixie Host   
eR2002-3 DYL R M/C RED BLU Spring Fellowship; Dixie Host   
eR2002-4 DYL R M/C RED BLU Fall Ordeal; Dixie Host   
eR2002-5 DYL R M/C RED BLU Fall Fellowship; Dixie Host   
eX2003-1 TAN R M/C RED GRN Spring Ordeal 1943-2003   
eX2003-2 BLK R WHT BLK  Beaver Day O.A. 236   
eX2003-3 DBL R M/C RED RED ANN Celebration; 1943-2003   
eX2003-4 BLK R M/C RED PUR Fall Ordeal; 1943-2003   
eX2003-5 GRN R M/C DRD GRN Fall Fellowship; 1943-2003   
eX2004-1 BLK R M/C WHT RED No Year; WHT "Spring Ordeal"; BLK "WWW"   
eX2004-2 BLK R M/C WHT RED BLK "2004, WWW"; WHT "Spring Fell."   
eX2004-3 BLK R M/C TAN LBL BLK "2004, WWW"; TAN "Dixie Fell."   
eX2004-4 BLK R M/C GRN BLU BLK "2004, WWW"; GRN "NOAC 2004"   
eX2004-5 BLK R M/C RED YEL BLK "2004, WWW"; RED "Fall Ordeal"   
eX2004-6 BLK R M/C WHT RED BLK "2004, WWW"; WHT "Fall Fell."   
eX2005-1 GRY R M/C PTN PTN PTN "2005 Spring Fell."; Lighthouses   
eX2005-2 MAR R M/C WHT BLU WHT "2005 Spring Ordeal"; Lighthouses   
eX2005-3 BLK R M/C BLK BLK BLK "2005 Fall Fell."; Lighthouses   
eX2005-4 BLK R M/C LPR PYL LPR "2005 Fall Ordeal"; Lighthouses   
eX2006-1?        (2006 Spring Fellowship) 
eX2006-2?        (2006 Spring Ordeal) 
eX2006-3?        (2006 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2006-4?        (2006 Fall Ordeal) 
eX2007-1?        (2007 Spring Fellowship) 
eX2007-2?        (2007 Spring Ordeal) 
eX2007-3?        (2007 Fall Ordeal) 
eX2007-4?        (2007 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2008-1?        (2008 Spring Fellowship) 
eX2008-2?        (2008 Spring Ordeal) 
eX2008-3?        (2008 Fall Ordeal) 
eX2008-4?        (2008 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2009-1?        (2009 Spring Fellowship) 
eX2009-2?        (2009 Spring Ordeal) 
eX2009-3?        (2009 Fall Ordeal) 
eX2009-4?        (2009 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2010-1?        (2010 Spring Fellowship) 
eX2010-1?        (2010 Spring Ordeal) 
eX2010-3?        (2010 Fall Ordeal) 
eX2010-4?        (2010 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2011-1?        (2011 Activities; puzzle pieces) 
eX2011-2?        (2011 Activities; puzzle pieces) 
eX2011-3?        (2011 Activities; puzzle pieces) 
eX2011-4?        (2011 Activities; puzzle pieces) 
2012 Events patches     
Data for 159 patches from this lodge and type(s) are shown above.

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