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Piankeshaw Council
Danville, IL
Lodge Data
Chartered: 1930
Lodge Totem: Thunderbird
Name Translation: Thunderbird 
Changes: 1994: Merged with Illini 92 to form Illini 55


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Lodge Issues
C1 BLK  DYL DBL  55 at bottom  
C2 BLK  DYL DBL  No. 55 on side  
C3 WHT  LBR   bird with 12 feathers  
C4 WHT  M/C BLK  BLK 55th Year  
F1a DBL C DYL RED RED has round head; BSA; FF; VER feet (talons)  
F2 RED R WHT BLK BLK Ritual Team BLK; RED W's; outline shoe; (verification pending)  
F3 DBL R DYL RED RED has round head; BSA  
F4 RED C DBL WHT  hanging feathers; twill  
F5 DBR R BRN BLK RED bird with 8 feathers  
F6 DBR R BRN BLK RED bird with 12 feathers  
J0.5 YEL C M/C BLK  VIG; Extra Large RND  
J1a RED R DBL WHT BLK DBL base material  
J1b RED R DBL WHT BLK BBL base material  
J2 BRN R TAN BLK RED bird with 8 feathers; flap shape  
J3 RED R YEL RED RED 217 mm; RED 60th  
J4 DBL R ORG RED RED 93x272 mm flap shape  
L1   BRN BRN  T-bird shape; lettering tooled or burned into leather; some dated (1947, etc.); WAB  
L2 LBR  BRN BLK  T-bird shape; SSC  
L3 RED   DBL WHT   design like J3; hanging feathers   
N0.5   WHT RED  EMB; RED circles & lodge name  
N1     YOR RED   flocked sateen; DBL bird; RED arrowhead   
N1.5   ORG RED  flocked sateen; 168mm tall DBL bird; RED 55  
N2   YOR RED  flocked sateen; DBL bird; RED 55 only  
N3   YEL RED  flocked silk; DBL bird; RED 55 only  
N4   DYL RED  SSC; S1 bird  
N4.5   DYL RED  SSC; S1 bird; GRN top of bird  
N5   RED DYL  Training Conference 1970; SSC  
N6a RED P WHT DBL  bird with hanging feathers; SSC  
N7a RED P WHT DBL   regular bird; SSC   
N7b RED P WHT BLU  regular bird; SSC  
N8 WHT P LGR BLU  regular bird; SSC  
N9 BLK R RED BLK  3 part patch; YEL 50  
N10 LTQ R BGE BLU  Iron-on transfer  
N11     WHT BLU   Iron-on transfer   
N12     ORG BLU   Iron-on transfer   
R1a BLK C DYL DBL  '55 at bottom; DBL fills BLK outline of head of spearhead  
R1b BLK C DYL DBL  Twill shows through DBL spearhead.  
R2 BLK R DYL DBL  No. 55 on side  
S1a BRN R WHT WHT  103 mm wings; thin DYL; thick BLK in wings; BRN t-bird  
S1b BRN R WHT WHT  thick DYL; thin BLK in wings; BRN t-bird  
S1c BRN R WHT WHT  thick DYL; thin BLK in wings; RBR t-bird  
S1d BRN R WHT WHT  no Brotherhood bars  
S2a DBR R WHT WHT  DYL bead HOR to TRI; thin arrow extends from middle YEL bars in wings  
S2b DBR R WHT WHT  thick arrow extends from top BLK bars in wings  
S3a RED C DBL WHT  hanging feathers; solid; WHT BMT  
S4a RED C DBL WHT BLK BLU base material; FDL  
S4b RED C DBL WHT BLK LBL base material; FDL  
S4c RED C DBL WHT BLK WHT base material; FDL  
S4d RED C DBL WHT BLK DBL base material; FDL  
S5a RED R DBL WHT BLK square corners; 4 mm thick bill; RED lockstitch; FDL  
S5b RED R DBL WHT BLK round corners; 6 mm thick bill; RED lockstitch  
S5c RED R DBL WHT BLK Square corners; 4 mm thick bill; ORG lockstitch  
S6 DYL R DBL WHT BLK 75th ANN World Scouting in RED; SS  
S7a GMY R YOR RED RED GMY arrow; RED bird; BSA; PB; back is YOR  
S7b GMY R YOR RED RED GMY arrow; RED bird; BSA; PB; back is WHT  
S10 DBL R M/C DBL  CD; RED 55th ANN  
S11 DBL R M/C DBL  CD; RED 1988 NOAC  
S12 DBL R M/C DBL  CD; RED Host EC-3B 1988 Conclave  
S14 BLK R M/C BLK BLU night scene; no WWW  
S15 BLK R M/C BLK BLU night scene; BLU WWW  
S16 BLK R M/C BLK BLU 77x116 mm; NOAC92  
X1 WHT R BLU RED  78x21 mm WHT "trained"  
YC1 BLK   DYL DBL   '55 (Like C1 w/ apostrophe); Prototype   
YC2 WHT   TAN     Like C3; Prototype   
YX1 ORG  RED   felt on felt bird; BLU stitched 55 and arrow (Unconfirmed)  
ZF1 DBL R DYL RED  F R/E w/ flat head and pointed bottom  
ZF2 RED R WHT BLK BLK Ritual Team BLK; RED W's; EMB shoe   
ZR1 BLK C ORG BLK   BLK WWW; handmade repro of R1; Solid 4 inch round   
ZR2 BLK C ORG BLK  BLK WWW; handmade repro of R1, twill round  

Lodge Event Patches

(Listings from the last edition of Blue Book.)
eR1955 BLK C WHT BLK  Fall Fellowship  
eR1956 RED C WHT RED  Spring Fellowship; Portland Arch" (Undated)  
eR1957 GRN C WHT RED  Fall Fellowship  
eR1958 RED C GRN WHT  Fall Fellowship  
eR1959 RED C ORG BLK  Fellowship  
eX1960 PUR R WHT PUR  Fall Fellowship  
eX1961-1 GRY C RBR LBL  Spring Project  
eR1961-2 WHT C DBL DYL  Summer Reunion  
eR1961-3 DYL C WHT BLU  Fall Fellowship  
eA1962-1 DYL C KAK WHT  Spring Project  
eX1962-2 DYL R BLU RED  Summer Reunion  
eX1962-3 RED C M/C BLK  Fall Fellowship  
eX1963-1 GRN R RED DYL  Spring Project  
eA1963-2 BRN C GRY WHT  Summer Reunion  
eA1963-3 BLK C GRN BLK  Fall Fellowship  
eX1964-1 RED R WHT BLK  Spring Project  
eX1964-2 BLK R TAN BLK  Summer Reunion  
eX1964-3 BLU R WHT BLU  Fall Fellowship  
eX1965 RED R WHT DYL  Fall Fellowship; 50thOA  
eR1966-1 WHT R BLK ORG DYL FDL; "Spring Project"  
eR1966-2 RED R YEL WHT BLK FDL; "Summer Reunion"  
eR1966-3 BLU R WHT WHT RED FDL; "Fall Fellowship"  
eX1967-1 RED C WHT BLU  Spring; (part of three part set)  
eX1967-2 RED C WHT  BRN Summer; FDL; (part of three part set)  
eX1967-3 RED C WHT   Fall; (part of three part set)  
eR1967-4 RED C WHT  BRN FDL; Three parts together forming a round  
eX1968-1 BLK R WHT BLU  Spring Project  
eX1968-2 BLK R WHT RED  Summer Reunion  
eX1968-3 BLK R WHT YEL  Fall Fellowship  
eA1969-1 RED C WHT RED  Spring Project  
eA1969-2 DGR C WHT RED  Summer Reunion  
eA1969-3 BRN C DYL RED  Fall Fellowship  
eX1970-1 DOR R YEL GRN  Spring Project  
eX1970-2 LGR R PUR GRN  Summer Reunion  
eX1970-3 BRN R DYL BLK  Fall Fellowship  
eN1970-4   RED YEL  Training Conference  
eX1971-1 BLU R WHT BLU  Spring Project  
eX1971-2 BLU R WHT BLU  Summer Reunion  
eX1971-3 GRN R WHT RED  Fall Fellowship  
eX1972-1 M/C C BLU GRN   Spring Project; Part of Three part set   
eX1972-2 M/C C BLU RED  Summer Reunion; Part of Three part set  
eX1972-3 M/C C BLU YEL  Fall Fellowship; Part of Three part set  
eA1972-4 DBL C BLU M/C  Uncut Set of Three Pieces  
eX1973-1 RED R YEL GRN  Spring  
eR1973-2 YEL R GRN BLK  Summer Reunion  
eA1973-3 BLK C GRY RED  Fall Fellowship  
eR1974-1 GRN R TRQ BLK  Spring Project  
eR1974-2 GRN R DBL GRY  Summer Reunion  
eR1974-3 RED R TRQ BLK  Fall Fellowship  
eX1975 WHT C TRQ RED  Multi-Function Patch  
eR1976-1 DBL R WHT DBL  Spring Project  
eR1976-2 BLK R WHT BLK  Summer Reunion  
eR1976-3 DBL R WHT DBL  Fall Fellowship  
eR1977-1 BLK R WHT GRN BLK GRN Spring Project   
eR1977-2 DBL R WHT RED YEL FDL; "Fall Fellowship"  
eR1977-3 DBL R WHT BLK BLK BLK Summer Reunion  
eR1978-1 DGR R DTQ BBL YEL FDL; "Spring"  
eR1978-2 YEL R LBL BLU BRN BLU Summer Reunion   
eR1978-3 RED R KAK BLK RED BLK Fall Fellowship  
eX1979-1 BBL R WHT GRN RED Spring Project  
eR1979-2 RED R ORG BLU AQU BLU Summer Reunion   
eX1980-1 YEL R WHT  RED Spring Project  
eX1980-2 YEL R WHT RED RED FDL; Fall  
eX1980-3 BLK R BLK   WHT OA Summer Reunion  
eR1981-1 BRN R WHT GRN LBL Summer  
eR1981-2 YEL R LBL BLU BRN BLU Summer Reunion   
eR1981-3 LGR R DGR WHT WHT WHT Fall Fellowship   
eX1982-1 BLK R WHT DBL YEL Spring   
eX1982-2 BLK R WHT DBL YEL Summer   
eX1982-3 BLK R WHT DBL YEL Fall   
eX1983-1 GMY C LBL BLK   Spring   
eX1983-2 GMY C LBL     Summer Reunion   
eX1983-3 GMY C LBL     Fall Fellowship   
eR1984-1 BLK R BLU BLK YEL spring   
eX1984-2 BLK R BLU BLK YEL Summer   
eX1985-1 BLK R YEL BLK   Summer   
eX1985-2 BLK R CRM BLK  Fall reunion  
eX1986 BLK R WHT BLK  Fall  
eX1988-1 BLK R LBL RED  Spring  
eX1988-2 BLK R LBL   Summer  
eX1988-3 BLK R BBL RED  Fall Anniv  
eX1989-1 BLK C WHT BRN  1898 Square for Segments  
eX1989-2 BLK C DYL   Spring  
eX1989-3 BLK C DYL   Summer  
eX1989-4 BLK C DYL   Fall  
1990 Events Patches    
eX1990-1 GRY R WHT BBL   Spring   
eX1990-2 GRY R WHT BBL   Summer Reunion   
eX1990-3 GRY R WHT BBL   Fall Fellowship   
eX1990-4 GRY R WHT BBL   Winter Banquet   
eX1990-5 GRY R WHT     OA Workday #1   
eX1990-6 GRY R WHT     OA Workday #2   
eX1990-7 GRY R WHT     Training Session   
eX1990-8 GRY R WHT     OA Conclave Camp Drake   
eR1991-1 RED R WHT BLK  Fall Fellowship  
eR1991-2 BLU R WHT BLK  Summer Reunion  
eR1992-1 WHT R RED WHT  Spring Project  
eR1992-2 RED R DBL WHT  Summer Reunion  
eR1993-1 RED R WHT BLU  Activities issue  
eR1993-2 BLK R WHT BLK   Spring   
Data for 179 patches from this lodge and type(s) are shown above.

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