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My First CSP Needs

On again, off again, I also collect first issue CSP's and varieties: the T-1's and S-1's. There are still a lot I need. Many of them are even fairly easy. See the list of needs below.

If you have any of these to trade, please see my standing trade offers or make me an offer.

Adirondack S-1 Long Rivers S-1
Alamo Area T-1 Longs Peak S-1
Los Angeles Area S-1c
Allohak SA-1 Maui County S-1
Middle TennesseeT-1b
Andrew Jackson SA-1 Middlesex TA-1
Atlantic Area SA-1 Milwaukee County S-1c
Baden-Powell S-1a Mobile Area T-1c, T-1d
Moby Dick S-1b, S-1c
Birmingham Area S-1 Montana S-1b, S-1c
Mount Baker S-4
Black Swamp Area S-1a Mount Baker Area S-1b
Mount Diablo T-1b, T-1c
Bronx Valley T-1 Mount Diablo Silverado S-1a, S-1b
Buckeye TA-1 Mount Lassen Area T-1
Bufalo Trail SA-1 Mount Whitney Area S-1a, S-1b
Buttes Area T-1 Mountaineer Area S-1a, S-1b
Cache Valley T-1 Muskingum Valley S-1b
Nashua Valley S-1a, S1-b, S-1c
National Trail T-1a, T-1b
Cambridge S-1b, S-1d, S-1f, S-1g, S-1h Netseo Trails T-1b, T-1c, T-1d
Canal Zone T-1c Nevada Area TA-1, T-2a
Cape Cod & Islands S-1a North Central Washington S-1b
Capitol Area S-1b Northeast Georgia S-1
Cascade Area S-1 Northeast Illinois T-1
Northeast Iowa S-1
Catalina T-1 Northeastern Pennsylania S-1
Northern New Jersey
Central Florida T-1c Northwest Suburban T-1a, T-1c
Central Minnesota T-1 Norwela T-1b
Central West Virginia T-1 Okaw Valley T-1b
Central Wyoming T-1 Okefenokee Area T-3
Chautauqua County S-1 Old Baldy T-1
Cherokee Area (OK) T-1 Old Colony S-1a, S-1b, S-1c
Cherokee Area (TN) S-1b Old Dominion Area S-1
Chester County T-1a, T-1b Old Kentucky Home T-1
Chickasaw T-1b Ore-Ida T-1
Chief Cornplanter T-1 Otschodela TA-1, S-2a, S-2b
Chief Cornstalk S-1a, S-1b, S-1c Ouachita Area S-1a, S-1b
Chief Seattle S-1a, S-1b Overland Trails S-1
Chief Shabbona T-1 Ozarks T-1b
Chippewa S-1b Pacific Harbors S-1a, S-1b
Chisholm Trail T-1b, T-1c Pacific Skyline S-1b
Choctaw Area S-1b Palmetto Area S-1a, S-1b
Passaic Valley T-1
Columbia Montour T-1 Paul Bunyan T-A, T-C
Columbiana S-1 Peninsula T-1
Penn Mountains T-1
Pheasant S-1a, S-1b
Cornhusker T-1 Philadelphia SA-1
Cradle Of Liberty SA-1 Piasa Bird S-1
Crossroads Of America S-1b, S-1c Piedmont (CA) S-1a, S1b
Piedmont (NC) T-1
DeSoto Area S-1b
Del-Mar-Va T-1 Pioneer Trails TU-A
Delta Area S-1a, S-1b Pony Express S-1
Des Plaines Valley S-1b Potomac S-1
Detroit Area TA-1 Prairie S-1a, S-1b
Detroit Area TA-2 Prairie Gold Area S-1a
Detroit Area S-3b, S-3c Prairielands S-1a, S-1b
Direct Service - Argentina S-1b Pushmataha Area S-1a
Direct Service - Egypt T-1 Put-Han-Sen Area S-1
Direct Service - Hong Kong S-1a, S-1b Quapaw S-1a, S-1b
Direct Service - Indonesia S-1a, S-1b Quinnipiac S-1
Direct Service - Kenya S-1a, S-1b Rainbow TA-1, S-2
Direct Service - Panama S-1a, S-1b Red River Valley T-1a, T-1b
Direct Service - Saudi Arabia S-1a, S-1b, S-1c, S-1d, S-1e Redwood Area T-1a, T-1c
Direct Service - Singapore T-1a, T-1b
East Carolina T-3a, T-3b Rip Van Winkle T-1b, T-1c
East Texas Area T-1a, T-1b, T-1d, T-1e, T-1f Riverside County TA-1
Eastern Arkansas T-1a Robert E. Lee S-1a, S-1b, S-1c
Eastern Oklahoma S-1b Rockland County S-1a, S-1b
Elk Lick T-1a, T-1b Saint Lawrence S-1
Essex T-1 Saint Louis Area T-1
Evangaline Area T-1a, T-1b, T-1d Samoset T-1a, T-1b
Firelands Area T-1b San Francisco Bay Area T-1d
Flint River T-1 Santa Clara County T-1
Fort Steuben Area S-1 Santa Fe Trail T-1a, T-1b, T-1c
Four Rivers T-1 Santa Lucia Area T-1a, T-1b, T-1c
Gamehaven T-1a, T-1b, T-1c, T-1d Saukee Area S-1a, S-1b
General Sullivan T-1a, T-1b Scenic Trails T-1b, T-1d
Genesee S-1 Schenectady County S-1
George Washington T-1a, T-1b, T-1c Scioto Area T-1a, T-1b, T-1c
Gerald R. Ford S-1 Seaway Valley S-1
Golden Empire T-1 Seneca T-1, TU-A
Sequoia T-1a, T-1b
Shenandoah Area T-1
Grand Canyon T-1a, T-1b Silverado Area T-1a, T-1c
Grand Columbia S-1 Sinnissippi S-1a, S-1b
Grand Teton S-1 Skagit County SA-1
Grand Valley T-1 Snake River T-1a, T-1b, T-1c
Great Salt Plains T-1a, T-1b, T-1c Snake River Area T-1
Sonoma -- Mendocino Area T-1a
Great Southwest S-1a South Plains T-1
Great Western T-1 Southeast Alaska T-1
Greater Cleveland S-1b, S-1c
Greater Lowell T-1 Southeast Missouri T-1
Greater Niagara Frontier T-1a, T-1b Southern Sierra T-1a, T-1b
Greater Saint Louis Area S-1 Southwest Georgia S-1
Greater Western Reserve SA-1, S-2 Southwest Michigan T-1a, T-1b
Greater Yosemite S-1 Stanford Area T-1b
Greenwich S-1a, S-1b Steuben Area S-1
Gulf Ridge T-1b Stonewall Jackson Area T-1a, T-1b
Headwaters Area T-1a, T-1b Suffolk County S-1a, S-1b, S-1d, S-1e, S-1f
Heart O'Texas T-1d Sullivan Trail S-1a, S-1b, S-1c
Heart of Ohio S-1a, S-1b Sunny Land T-1
Hoosier Trails T-1b Susquehanna S-1a, S-1b
Hudson Hamilton S-1 Susquenango S-1b
Hudson Valley S-1 Sussex -- Morris Area TA-1
Idaho Panhandle T-1a,T-1b Tendoy Area T-1
Illiana SA-1 Tennessee Valley S-1c
Indian Trails S-1b Teton Peaks T-1
Indian Waters S-1 Thatcher Woods Area T-1b
Inland Empire (WA) T-1b Thomas A. Edison S-1
Iroquois Trail S-1 Three Fires S-1a, S-1c
Istrouma Area T-1b Three Rivers T-1
Jayhawk Area S-1 Toledo Area S-1a, S-1b
Jersey Shore S-1a, S-1b Transatlantic T-1b
Juniata Valley T-1, T-2 Tri-State Area T-1
Kanza T-1b Tukabatchee Area S-1
Kaw T-1 Tumwater Area T-1a, T-1b
Knox Trail S-1 Tuscarora S-1a, S-1b
Kootaga Area S-1a Twin Harbors Area SA-1. S-2
La Salle S-1 Twin Valley S-1b
Lake Superior T-1c Two Rivers S-1
Lancaster County T-1 Union T-1a
Land O'Lakes S-1a, S-1b, S-1d Upper Mohawk S-1a, S-1c
Last Frontier T-1 Utah National Parks S-1a
Lebanon County T-1 Uwharrie T-1
Lewis-Clark T-1a Ventura County T-1
Licking County S-1b Verdugo Hills T-1
Lincoln Heritage S-1 Viking T-1a
Llano Estacado T-1b, T-1c, T-1d
Long Beach Area TA-1
Long Beach Area T-2b

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