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This FAQ is under construction. The answers to these questions and others will appear here soon. Please be patient.

General Pricing Information

  1. Where does this pricing data come from?
    At the present time the data here is culled primarily from online auction sales, eBay. Data is also accepted and included from users, reporting their own private sales or sales in other venus. Both private sales and lodge patch auctions seem to be common sources for user submitted data.

  2. What about patch condition?

  3. Do the prices from eBay include shipping charges?

  4. How can I get my prices included?
    There is a link on each lodge page within the members only area, the price guide, to submit pricing data. Please follow the instructions and complete the simple for there.

  5. What data is not included?

  6. Everybody in our lodge says this patch is worth $xxx and your price guide is wrong. Why don't you listen to the lodge members?
    The price guide on this site is based upon real sales data, only data from actual sales are included. Statements of opinion about a patch's value, no matter the source, are specifically excluded.

  7. What about trade equivalents?
    "I traded this flap for one flap valued at $5 and another valued at $6, so I want to enter this flap as valued at $11." Including such data would be a statistical nightmare. No patch has an exact value. At best the value for a given patch is best given as a range of values, derived from a number of transactions. This site seeks to remove subjective judgment from the data, developing a price range based strictily on objective data. Thus including trade equivalent values would be contrary to the goal of this site. Trade equivalent values are not included.

Access Issues

  1. I can't log in to the members only area. Why?
    If this is your first attempt to log in, make certain you type the userid and initial password exactly as it was sent to you. Both are case sensitive. Be especially cautious of "1" (the number) and "l" (the lower case letter). Both look very similar in many computer fonts. Initial passwords will not contain the number one. If a returning user, make sure you type your id and password correctly, being certain to use the password your chose if you changed it. If you still cannot get into the members only area, please contact the webmaster.

  2. I subscribed to the members only area and paid with PayPal. Why haven't I received my password yet?
    User id's are created by the webmaster after verifying receipt of payment, as such they are not created immediately. Contrary to what some of his friends and relatives may think, the webmaster of this site does spend time away from his computer and internet connection. Please be patient. Your id will be created as soon as possible.

  3. I forgot my password. Can you send it to me, please?
    Once a user has changed his password from the initial randomly generated password I do not know what it is. The password is stored on the server in an encrypted form and cannot be decrypted by myself. If you forgot your password, follow the link for a forgotten password. A new random password will be generated which you can then change to something else more easily remembered.

  4. How do I change my password?
    To change a user password, follow the instructions above for a forgotten password.

  5. How do I change my userid/user name?
    There is no automated way for a user to do this presently. If you need to change your userid, please contact the webmaster.

Statistical Analysis Issues

  1. What does "No Data Available" mean?
    This patch has neither sold on eBay nor has anyone submitted pricing data for it. Literally, it means no data is available.

  2. What does "mean", "median" and "standard deviation" mean? Why are these important?
    The mean is more commonly, known outside of statistics, as the average. In this case it is the sum of all the sales for an item, divided by the number of sales recorded.
    The median is that data point that, when the data are ordered by their value, is the "middle". Half of the recorded sales are lower than the median and half are higher. It is not subject to as much distortion as the mean is from an especially high or low value.
    The standard deviation is a more nebulous concept. It is a measure of the "spread" or consistency of the sales data. A lower standard deviation indicates the data are more clustered, reflecting a greater consensus of sales values, than a higher standard deviation. This is commonly used for various statistical tests.

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