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Malaysian Fakes

Starting in late 2003 an eBay seller from Malaysia going by the id bidmystamp started selling "reproductions", as he calls them, of various types of BSA insignia. CSP's, RWS, KRS, and OA items were all produced.  Both common and older items are being produced.  The seller has admitted these are fakes and has told collectors that they are made by his uncle, who is in the embroidery business.  eBay has refused to take action against this seller.

At present about 2 dozen different fakes are known to have been made.  More are certain to appear.

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Lodges 1-99

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1 Unami ZS10

1 Unami ZS7

1 Unami ZS8

1 Unami ZS9

2 Sanhican ZS1

5 Kittatinny ZS1

6 Wagion ZS1

12 Nentico ZF2

19 Sisilija ZS1

34 Ona Yote ZR1

41 Natokiokan ZF1


Lodges 100-199

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117 Croatan ZA1?

117 Croatan ZA2?

126 Cahokia ZF1

158 Nanepashemet ZS2


Lodges 200-299

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233 Wa-Zi-Ya-Ta ZR1


Lodges 300-399

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321 Nani-Ba-Zhu ZF1

330 Kotso ZF1

346 Tannu ZF1

359 Aheka ZF1

363 Ma I Shu ZS1


Lodges 400-499

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437 Makualla ZF1

453 Bo-Qui ZR1

478 Wisumahi ZF1


Lodges 500+

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503 Chee Dodge ZF1

512 Wah-Pe-Kah-Me-Kunk ZF1

522 Wa-Be-Wa-Wa ZF1?

522 Tindeuchen ZF1

528 Pomponio ZF3

535 Schiwa'pew Names ZF1

539 Passaquo ZF2

540 Ahtuhquog ZF1

541 Mic-O-Say ZF1

544 Ha-Wo-Wo-He-Que'-Nah ZF1

552 Eckale Yakanen ZS1

558 Ahoalan-Nachpikin ZS1

562 Arawak ZF2

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