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The Bullion Collection

For the last few years I have been actively collecting bullion OA items. There are about 4 dozen different items excluding fakes and prototypes. With the exception of two items with questionable listings (see below) all now in my collection. By clicking links below, you can view these issues in a separate window along with relevant Blue Book data.

While most of the current bullions are fairly common as such things go, some of the "classic" bullions were issued in extremely low quantities. It is very unusual to see more than a couple in any one collection. It is a feat to assemble this many into one collection. I know of no one else who has done this.

Along with all new issues not shown below, I am still looking for a few odd ball pieces and will pay generously to fill my needs. If you have these, please email me:


O.A. National Committee

OA National Cmmittee

National Committee

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Lodges 1-99

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6 Wagion B1

6 Wagion YB1

6 Wagion YB2

6 Wagion YB3

6 Wagion YB4

6 Wagion ZB1?

7 Owasippe B1

9 Lenapehoking B1

9 Lenapehoking B2

13 Wiatava B1

13 Wiatava B2

13 Wiatava B3

17 Cuyahoga B1

35 Wichita B1a

35 Wichita B1b

35 Wichita B1c

35 Wichita ZB1

49 Suanhacky B1

50 Coosa B1

57 Enda Lechauhanne B1

62 Talligewi B1

85 Seminole B1

85 Seminole B2

85 Seminole B3?

85 Seminole YB1

85 Seminole YB2

85 Seminole YB3

85 Seminole YB4


Lodges 100-199

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104 Occoneechee B1

104 Occoneechee B2

104 Occoneechee B3

104 Occoneechee B4

127 Cahuilla B1

127 Cahuilla B2

127 Cahuilla YB1

127 Cahuilla YB2

127 Cahuilla YB3

127 Cahuilla ZB2?

129 Egwa Tawa Dee B1

129 Egwa Tawa Dee B2?

129 Egwa Tawa Dee B3?

141 Tatanka B1?

162 Migisi Opawgan B1


Lodges 200-299

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243 Mowogo B1

262 Mow-A-Toc B1

265 O-Shot-Caw B1

265 O-Shot-Caw B2

265 O-Shot-Caw B3

265 O-Shot-Caw B4

265 O-Shot-Caw B5?


Lodges 300-399

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309 Grand Monadnock B2

379 Kaweah B1

381 Ni-Sanak-Tani B1

381 Ni-Sanak-Tani YB1?

385 Yustaga B1


Lodges 400-499

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427 Achewon Netopalis B1

427 Achewon Netopalis ZB1

459 Catawba B1

470 Amangamek-Wipit B1

470 Amangamek-Wipit B3

479 Quinipissa B1

479 Quinipissa B2

479 Quinipissa B3

482 Black Eagle B1

482 Black Eagle B2

482 Black Eagle B3

482 Black Eagle B4

494 Papago B1

494 Papago YB1

494 Papago YB2

494 Papago YB3

494 Papago YB4


Lodges 500+

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528 Pomponio B1

528 Pomponio B1

528 Pomponio B2

532 Pang B1

560 Eswau Huppeday B1

566 Malibu B1

573 Sakima B1

573 Sakima B2

573 Sakima B3

573 Sakima YB1

573 Sakima YB2

619 Portage YB1?

619 Portage YB2?

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